New Equipment!


Excited to report that we have officially ordered some sick new studio digs! Here’s the lineupSterling ST55 FET Class A Condenser Microphone, Sterling ST31 FET Condenser Microphone, a PF2 pop filter, and a shock mount. This means we can record our EP with an even better quality than we had on Serotonin, where we were only using our Tascam DP-004 pocket studio recorder. This package was spendy, and we don’t have mic stands yet (if you have any you want to sell for dirt cheap, hit us up), but once it gets here, we will bust out our already-written songs and get that EP out there for everyone to enjoy! Get pumped for our new songs!

Peace and aliens,



The Front Bottoms | Swimming Pool.

Jake of Modern Baseball & Conor of Foxing (x)

I’m glad that you can forgive, only hoping as time goes, you can forget



I was looking forward to the new silent hill till I read you play as daryl from the walking dead. Playing as a celebrity seems like it gonna draw focus away from the game. If they just used his voice that would be cool but playing as him is a little weird to me.

You make a good…

Well yeah I’m gonna wait for more and I totally think he would be a badass voice actor but since its actually him and i’m so used to seeing him in walking dead its going to be very strange to see him go over to silent hill. Could be cool, could totally flunk. That also doesn’t mean it can’t be scary I just think story line wise playing as a celebrity kinda draws away from the originality in a sense. its gonna be  harder for me to get into the story. I agree that I would LOVE to see more female lead characters, in video games in general. Silent hill 3 is an amazing game.